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Buhari Initiates Plan To Eliminate Use Of Kerosene

Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari has initiated a new plan in a revised policy to eliminate the use of kerosene in the country cum 2030.

He announced this during a virtual meeting hosted by the US President, Joe Biden on Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate Change (MEF).

Buhari Initiates Plan To Eliminate Use Of Kerosene

According to him, the arrangement to take out the utilization of Kerosine in the nation is essential for Nigeria’s commitment to a more secure and better global climate.

The President also listed the country’s updated Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to include increment for the utilization of bus rapid transit as a means of transportation for the citizens, 50% decrease in the fraction of crop residues burnt by 2030  and execution of forest programmes.

Buhari Initiates Plan To Eliminate Use Of Kerosene

He revealed that the NDC is a contribution to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, submitted to replace the interim contribution of May 27, 2021.


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