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Charlie Sheen Reacts to Denise Richards’ OnlyFans Comment

Reality TV star Denise Richards, 43, recently reacted to the news that her ex-husband Charlie Sheen, 50, has teamed up with OnlyFans.

On todays foreign update Charlie Sheen Reacts to Denise

Charlie Sheen Reacts to Denise

According to Denise, Charlie shouldn’t be judgmental of his daughter Sami’s controversial porn career if he begins working with an adult content subscription service in the future.

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However, Charlie has since taken to social media to slam Denise’s comments and accuse her of having her head up crack. Read on for more details about the conflict between Charlie and Denise!

Denise Comment

Denise Richards, responding to those criticizing her daughter Sami Sheen’s start of an OnlyFans page, commented, Perhaps I should start my own account. (I’m kidding.) She added that she wasn’t thinking anyone who had a problem with it would follow her.

This was evidently not a good move, as his ex-wife Margaret Mongeau remarked to TMZ, No wonder we didn’t work.

To which Charlie Sheen retorted in a series of tweets, I must agree, you’re a dumb one Margaret.

Ask your new boyfriend if he’d be interested in joining you! He finished: Oh yes!

Recent News: Charlie Sheen gave a statement today being 19th day of June that exposed a new e-mail he got from his ex-wife Denise Richards made him think again about this new thing he had about his daughter Sami, so he wanted to apologize and ask that she have the backing of a united parental front when she heads off on her own to embark on her new journey.

Denise Richards, who was married to Charlie Sheen from 2002 to 2006, tweeted on June 17 in response to the couple’s daughter’s joining the new internet porn website OnlyFans.

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The Outcome of the Beef on Charlie Sheen Reacts to Denise

Denise feels that she should not, nor anyone else, judge her daughter’s actions, People reports. Lots of negative comments on my social this past week, the World Is Not perfect Denise wrote on Instagram.

“All in all, I regret not having the same confidence that my 18-year-old daughter has. I have to recognize that I can’t be too critical of my choices now either, because I did Wild Things and Playboy as well. It’s quite refreshing for her father to do the same, for it’s clear he won’t.”

In a statement to E! News, earlier this week, Charlie stated that he does not condone Sami’s decision to upload content to OnlyFans. The Two and a Half Men actor stated that since I am unable to prevent this from happening, I advised her to be classy, creative, and not sacrifice her integrity. He then placed blame on Denise, saying, She is 18 years old now and living with her mother. This did not occur under my roof.

Charlie Sheen Reacts to Denise

Nevertheless, Denise has found hope in her daughter being an outspoken and assertive force, who refuses to give in to hate. It’s hard enough being that way at 51, she explained. I’m in awe of her ability to shut out the noise. It can destroy you.

Though Denise stated she just found out about OnlyFans recently, she admitted there is judgement about the site because the people who work in the adult film industry also use it.

Denise believes there’s really no difference if one posts a picture of themselves in a bikini on IG or on OnlyFans.

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As well, Denise sees that Sami’s choice to leave Twitter and only make her posts on in might be having an inspiring effect on her social media usage.

Perhaps I should open my own account. She ended with a pointed message to Sami’s critics: Oh & those of you that are so judgmental… sounds like you might already subscribe to an @onlyfans account.

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