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Why Bobo Chicago Is Trending And Its Connection To Bola Tinubu

For some time now, the Nick Name, Bobo Chicago has been trending online and this is because of its connection to Bola Tinubu, a Nigerian Presidential candidate.

Months ago, an alleged old picture of Bola Tinubu taken in the 70s emerged online.

The person in the picture bears the name, Yekini Amoda Ogunlere aka Bobo Chicago from Osun and he was a drug Lord who was sentenced to prison for drug trafficking.

Why Bobo Chicago Is Trending And Its Connection To Bola Tinubu
Yekini Amoda Ogunlere aka Bobo Chicago

Ever since the news emerged online, many people have come out with more information on the matter.

It was alleged that the man changed his name from Yekini Amoda Ogunlere to Bola Tinubu after serving 7 years of Prison conviction.

Some alleged that he has a fake identity, fake certificates and that his source of income is unknown.

Days ago, Nigerian Journalist, David Hundeyin added to the attack by releasing a stinker visa on Twitter over the alleged past dealings of the presidential candidate.

It is titled; Bola Ahmed Tinubu: From Drug Lord to Presidential candidate.

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The tweet which is currently trending was also titled; Bola Tinubu, a former drug Lord is running for president of Nigeria.

Read the story below;

Note that Tinubu had lived in Chicago for a few years.

The presidential candidate told INEC that he earned a business administration degree from Chicago State University in 1979.

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He allegedly claimed that he didn’t attend primary and secondary school and that during the military regime of the 1960s, a secret club took his degrees.

Could the allegation be true? Only time will tell.

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