‘Woman should be the next VP, Deputy Gov. in 2023’,- Women for Peace agitate

The Women for Peace in Nigeria (WOPIN),an NGO, has advocated  that  credible and passionate mothers in Nigeria should be considered for the position of Vice President and Deputy Governors in the country. This was as a result for the search for running mates.

Women have been restrained from undertaking key positions in the political hemisphere and this does not tell well of a nation.

In a statement stated to commemorate the June 12 Democracy Day Anniversary
Dr.Maryam Abdullahi , President and Founder of WOPIN, the women group noted although women can be good candidates for top positions, ” for decades, women have been sidelined.”

“We are therefore using this forum to call on women and bring them into mainstream governance. As excellent backbones of strong and successful families, it is time to change the narration of governance in Nigeria.”

” The consciousness of the citizens should be heightened  to include men and women for a balanced Nigeria, and as we can see, near total exclusion of women in governmental affairs of this country has led us to where we are today.”

“Remember, women formed a large block of the population of this country, a society is a better society if women and mothers are better people and included in the management of the society. If we cannot be the head, we should be the neck.”

“We are therefore calling on women who have what it takes to heal Nigeria.

We have the chance to right the wrongs of past decades of being sideline, let’s make it happen. You are strong, intelligent and capable advocate of peace not just in the homes but the country at large. Let’s work together to turn our dream into a reality as we move side by side into a brand new dawn of sound political rebirth,” the women for peace said.

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