“Your Brothers Dey Fight, You Dey Pick Sides. Use#Less Somebody” – Reactions As Psquare Allegedly Sacks Elder Brother As Their Manager

Nigerian singers, Peter and Paul Okoye, popularly known as Psquare has allegedly sacked their manage and elder brother, Jude Okoye.

Recall that  Psquare dropped their much-anticipated music “Jaiye” and “FindSomebody” yesterday, July 21.

However, fans observe that unlike before, Jude didn’t post or promote the new songs on his page and this led to speculation that all was not well with the Twins and their elder brother.

Taking to Twitter, a man identified as drpenking stated alleged that Psquare has sacked their elder, Jude as their manager.

According to him, the Twins are still in existence after their reunion because they sacked their elder brother from being their manager.

He also revealed that Psquare’s elder brother was one of the factors responsible for their separation because he allegedly took sides during their quarrels.

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He tweeted:

“Notice the first thing Psquare did when they came back together?

They dropped that their elder brother as manager. Elder brother that takes side during his younger brothers’s fight instead of bridging the divide is a useless somebody.”

Many people seems to agree with him as they took to the comment section to share their opinion.

@_toy09 wrote; Jude no try during the brothers fight. He was just one sided. He didn’t act professional forgetting without Psquare he is nothing.

@aromedprem wrote; And major stake in their fight too…. He should have be natural.

@Tariqnur0005 wrote; What peter was advocating for in the beginning, managing a brand as big as psqure without office.

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@FocusedQueenX wrote; It’s possible the scale fell off Paul’s eyes after him and Jude must hv had some misunderstanding here and there and he cld see clearly what his twin saw earlier on. Biko na Probability o. Not sure. When ppl think you’re the problem, JUST LEAVE, the main problem go show waaaaa!

@ArchiKenny wrote; If you have a twins after an elder brother or sister, you will understand that the elderly ones always don’t like when the twins are unite because he or she wouldn’t have the opportunity to control the other.  What happened when we are growing up 😁😁😁. #Peace

@CeeOnwe wrote; Oh you are just noticing who is the problem now. I tell people who care to listen that Jude is the major problem of Psquare. He keeps on thinking  that Psquare means peter, Paul and Jude which he knows can’t happen

Josh Churchill wrote; 🤣 every Psquare fan knows that guy was the problem na. You be manager but you dey collect money like say you be artiste.  On top of that you disrespect the wife of your artiste who happens to be your brother. Your brothers dey fight, you dey pick sides. Very nonsense man🤣

@OC_Dimgba_ wrote; But you are right….The elder brother is completely bias in settling his kid brothers.

@kkekesamuel wrote; I said this for years.. he’s so useless

See the post below;;

“Your Brothers Dey Fight, You Dey Pick Sides. Use#Less Somebody” - Reactions As Psquare Allegedly Sacks Elder Brother As Their Manager

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